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Dynamical models of prototype gravastars were constructed in order to study their
stability. nikeairmax90canada The models are the Visser–Wiltshire three-layer gravastars, in which an infinitely
thin spherical shell of stiff fluid divides the whole spacetime into two regions, where the
internal region is de Sitter, and the external one is Schwarzschild. It is found that in some
cases the models represent the ‘bounded excursion’ stable gravastars, where the thin shell is
oscillating between two finite radii, while in other cases they collapse until the
formation of black holes occurs. In the phase space, the region for the ‘bounded
excursion’ gravastars is very small in comparison to that of black holes, but not
empty. Therefore, although the possibility of the existence of gravastars cannot be
excluded from… such dynamical models, our results indicate that, even if gravastars
do indeed exist, Nike air max plus that does not exclude the possibility of the existence of black

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Nanostructured semiconductors open the opportunity to independently tailor electric and thermal conductivity by manipulation of the phonon transport. Nanostructuring of materials is a highly promising strategy for engineering thermoelectric devices with improved efficiency. The concept of reducing the thermal conductivity without degrading the electrical conductivity is most ideally realized by controlled isotope doping. This work reports on experimental and theoretical investigations on the thermal conductivity of isotopically modulated silicon nanostructures. State-of-the-art pump-and-probe experiments are conducted to determine the thermal conductivity of the different nanostructures of isotopically enriched silicon layers epitaxially grown on natural silicon substrates. Nike air max womens Concomitant… molecular dynamics calculations are performed to study the impact of the silicon isotope mass, isotope interfaces, and of the isotope layer ordering and thickness on the thermal conductivity. nikeairmax90canada Engineering the isotope distribution is a striking concept to reduce the thermal conductivity of silicon without affecting its electronic properties. This approach, using isotopically engineered silicon, might pave the way for future commercial thermoelectric devices.

Panel data from the 1983 and 1986 Surveys of Consumer Finances is used to examine the dynamics of the composition of the portfolios of assets held by households. It analyses the determinants of households’ choice of assets. It then considers the extent to which households restructure their asset portfolios between 1983 and 1986 and the impact upon it of changes in socioeconomic characteristics and labour market status in the intervening years, and of access to information about investment opportunities, of attitudes towards risk and illiquidity of investment opportunities, and of life-cycle events.nikeairmax90canada It also investigates the determinants of the extent of diversification, as measured by the number and types of assets held, over the life cycle. The empirical results reported here suggest the… following conclusion. Households do indeed set their asset portfolios with the long run in mind; they do not seem to restructure their portfolios as their labour market status changes. However, some restructuring is seen to occur between 1983 and 1986 as non-human wealth changes, and the persistence of the portfolio composition over time varies across assets. Nike air max 720 Attitudes towards risk and liquidity of investments do affect the restructuring of asset portfolios but access to professional investment advice has a significant effect for few asset categories only.